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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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1741J   To tlie Hon. Henry Seymour (Jonway     117
and Lady Caroline did not dance. A supper for the lady dancers was served at twelve, their partners and waiting tables with other supper stood behind. Oh! I danced country dances, I had forgot myself. The ball ended at four.
Now for the birthday. There were loads of men, not many ladies, nor much finery. Lord Fitzwilliams and myself were the only.two very fine; I was in a great taking about my clothes, they came from Paris, and did not arrive till nine o'clock of the birthday morning. I was obliged to send one of the King's messengers for them and Lord Holderness's suit to Dover. There were nineteen suits came with them. Do you know I was in such a fright lest they should get into the news, and took up the Craftsman'2'5 with fear and trembling. There was the greatest crowd at the ball I ever saw. Lady Euston danced country dances with the DukeM. My aunt Horace27 had adapted her gown to her complexion, and chose a silk all broke out in pink blotches. By the way, was ever anything so terrible as Lord Holderness's face? Poor Lady Ancram's will be as bad in a twelvemonth. She, the Duke of Kingston28, Lord Middlesex29, and Lady Albe-marle30, are dreadfully altered. You can't think what an alteration towards old I find among my acquaintance.
Harry, you must come and be in love with Lady Sophia
25  The organ of the Opposition.
26  The Duke of Cumberland.
27  Marie Madeleine Lombard  (d. 1783),  a Frenchwoman;   m.  (1720) Horatio,   younger   brother   of   Sir Eobert Walpole,  who was created (1756) Baron Walpole of Wolterton.
28  Evelyn Pierrepont (1711-1773), second Duke of Kingston.   He married (1769) the notorious Elizabeth Chudleigh,  who was   convicted   of bigamy in 1776.
29  Charles  SackvUle (1711-1769),
Earl of Middlesex, eldest son of first Duke of Dorset, whom he succeeded in 1765. He was Lord of the Treasury, 1743-47 ; Master of the Horse to Prince of Wales, 1747-51.
30 Lady Anne Lennox (d. 1789), daughter of first Duke of Richmond; no. (1723) William Anne Keppel, second Earl of Albemarle. Her portrait by Reynolds (painted between 1753 and 1760) is in the National Q-allery.